We're at the forefront of shaping the electronic age

Our electrical engineering expertise transforms ideas into cutting-edge solutions that light up homes, drive industries, and connect the world.


Our seasoned electrical team brings decades of combined expertise to the table. From complex circuitry to large-scale installations, we've tackled it all. With precision, dedication, and a passion for excellence, we ensure every project shines. With more than 20 years of experience in consumer electronics, we thrive in delivering solutions for a variety of markets. Trust in a team that's wired for success.


  • Concept design
    Concept development
  • Product architecture
  • Electrical requirements assessment
  • Design cycle
    Electrical schematic drawing
  • Components sourcing and benchmarking
  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA)
  • High-volume design
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design
  • FCC electrical compliance
  • Engineering analysis
    DC and AC electrical analysis
  • Electrostatic Discharge Analysis reports
  • Thermal analysis
  • EMC analysis
  • Existing designs CDVA reports
  • Endurance and reliability analysis
  • Electrical failure simulations
  • Solar energy assessment
  • Prototyping
  • Firmware development